The Essence of Bushveld Botanicals

Flowstone Gins are hand crafted, small batch, premium gins, rooted in Africa.


Crafted in the Cradle of Humankind, Flowstone Gin brings the unique flavours of this pristine landscape, associated with the very origin of our species, to gin-lovers around the world.


Winners of 3 Double-Gold Medals 

 At the 2019 Michelangelo International awards Flowstone Gin Became the first gin range in the history of the competition to hold 3 concurrent Double-Gold medals.

 From the spicy warmth of our Bushwillow, the cool and refreshing notes of our Wild Cucumber, the seductive fruitiness of our Marula, or the mysterious  warm complexity of out limited edition Snuffbox: Flowstone has a gin for every taste and a taste for every occasion.



In crafting our gins we wanted to capture the essence of the Bushveld in a way that reflects its various aspects at their most sublime. From the immutability of of the landscape to the vibrancy of the life that lives upon it, we wanted to create a range of gins that captures and celebrates that hard-to-define experience that keeps us coming back to the wilds of Africa

time and time again. 


Gentle spice, subtle tang.


Woody, earthy, warm.

Wild Cucumber

Refreshing, green, complex.


Cacao, leather & caramel


A small passion project between friends, the amazing results soon inspired them to to start the journey to what would become Flowstone Gin.

It all began when a few friends and gin enthusiasts  began experimenting,  adding some of the amazing wild fruits and flavours of the Bushveld to their gin and tonics. After introducing the results to friends, and getting a hugely positive response, the idea developed to take these unique flavours and distil them in a bespoke line of gins.

After pain-staking experimentation over an extended period the signature Flowstone recipies were crafted, refined and perfected into what they are today.


We hope you will join us and raise a glass to this amazing land.

-The Flowstone Team

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